Oji Group 150th From Growth To Evolution

Toward Further Growth and Evolution


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Our manufacturing begins with

150 years have passed since a paper-making company was established following a proposal from Eiichi Shibusawa, a businessman who laid the foundations of modern Japan.

After finding success in the domestic production of paper, the Oji Group went on to support the country's economic development.

We own approximately 573,000 hectares of forests in Japan and overseas. Currently, we operate not only the paper making business but also the packaging business, including corrugated containers, the pulp business and the renewable energy business among others. While expanding our areas of business, we are actively applying the technologies we have nurtured on a global scale.

In addition, we are pressing ahead with green innovation that supports the future. This includes the development of wood-derived biomass plastics and cellulose nanofibers.

We have maintained our manufacturing based on forestation and forest resources.

We aspire to create a sustainable society and new value.

The Oji Group will continue taking steps forward together with you.

150 years of continued innovation We keep innovating


The following presents 150 years of Oji Holdings' history.
The Oji Group has been expanding its area of business since its founding in 1873, and continues to grow.

Responding sensitively to the trends of the times, we have been squarely addressing social needs that vary over time and changing our business structures.

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In recent years, we have been expanding the technologies we have developed in domestic businesses on a global scale with a view to helping create a sustainable society.

CNF, Wood-derived pharmaceutical products, Biomass plastics